We’re Going To Blackpool!

After an incredible day at the NATD North Midlands Qualifier, we are proud to say that all our competition team qualified for The Medallist Of The Year at Blackpool Winter Gardens next July! It will be our first time attending as a school and we can’t wait!

Our Day

Nerves were higher than usual with the prospect of dancing at Blackpool looming but as soon as we took to the dance floor nerves started to fade. Overall we had some great results, with most making their finals. In the Ballroom, we had five in 1st and 2nd, three in 3rd and 4th and one in 5th and 6th. In Latin the results were, six in 1st, three in 2nd, four in 3rd, two in 4th, three in 5th and one in 6th. Some fabulous and well-deserved results.

As always we were so proud of the way our team conducted themselves, constantly cheering for each other even when the results didn’t go the way they wanted. Check out the best pictures from the day on our photo highlights.

Now we’ve got some hard work to do to get ready for Blackpool. Let’s go!