The perfect class for more mature dancers


Ballroom, Latin and Freestyle Classes for Our More Matures Dancers Who Aren’t Quite Ready To Take The Jump To Adult Classes

TeenSteps Timetable

For More Information About TeenSteps Please Contact Ms. FineSteps

Friday: 7.00pm – 8.00pm – St Christopher’s Church Hall

Please check our Facebook page for up-to-date information or any last minute changes.

TeenSteps is a class we created for our older students who had outgrown our KidSteps classes. In this class, we cover advanced steps and techniques in all the Ballroom and Latin dances. We also practice some freestyle/commercial dancing to increase and maintain stamina.

TeenSteps is the natural progression for students in our KidSteps classes. However, students will only be moved up when we feel they are ready, which may be slightly before or after the age of 13. If a new student would like to attend TeenSteps, please contact Ms FineSteps or call 07852 960974.