On Sunday 27th February we attended the Let’s Dance competition in Nottingham. It was another fantastic day with some equally fantastic results. We didn’t take as many students to this competition as we have previously, but we did have some more adults on the team which was absolutely fabulous!


Unusually the day started out with Latin. We had a couple of warm ups and then got right into action. We flew through the first rounds, moving onto the finals before 11, but not before a short tea break for the judges. The DJ played some party tracks to get us all excited for the finals and it definitely worked! Our LilSteppers were jumping all over the place. See them Living their Best Life at the Competition here.

Latin Results

We had some incredible results in the Latin finals! We came away with five winners, five in second place, four in 4th and a 5th, 6th and 7th. Overall, some great results and quite an improvement on our Latin results from previous competitions. They’ve all been working hard.


After a quick change we moved onto Ballroom. It must be noted how amazing Charlie was on Sunday, dancing with a total of 9 different students across 24 different categories. He must have danced 10 times in a row but kept pushing through to help our students get the results they wanted. Again, we moved through the Ballroom categories relatively quickly and smoothly, although there were a few near misses on the dance floor. Thankfully our team and students have excellent floor craft and managed to avoid most of the collisions!

Ballroom Results

Another fabulous set of Ballroom results in the finals, with our youngest member of the competition team winning her first and very well-deserved 1st place. Overall, the Ballroom results were three 1st, two in 2nd, four in 3rd, three in 4th, two in 5th and one in 7th.


It’s very clear that FineSteps have a competition team like no other. There is a sense of togetherness, a team that will support each other whether they receive the results they were hoping for or not. We were by far the loudest cheering school in the room, in fact, you could tell when FineSteps didn’t have a competitor on the dance floor because the room was so quiet. Having your teammates cheer you on is truly the best part of competition day. Hearing the compere say, ‘who do we like in this round?’ and the only response you hear is the FineSteps crew shouting your number is an experience like no other. Now we’ve got lots of work to do to get ready for the next competition on Sunday 12th June. Hopefully we’ll be able to take an even bigger competition team with us! Click here to view the Photo Highlights of the day. Well done to all our competitors, we are so proud of each and everyone of you!