The FineSteps Team are known for carrying their FineSteps backpacks to every dance class, lesson and event! But have you ever wondered what they have in them? Well, today I’m going to tell you what I have in mine.

Dance Shoes
Obviously! Depending on what we’re doing I can be carrying 3 pairs; training shoes, Ballroom shoes and Latin shoes.

Shoe Brush
This is an absolute essential. I brush my shoes every time I enter a FineSteps venue to make sure I have maximum grip on the dance floor. Shoe brushes are so sought after that I labelled mine to make sure no one can steal it! – You can buy shoe brushes from FineSteps is you need one.

Spare Heel Protectors
When the heel protectors on your ballroom or latin shoes break, its game over! So I always carry spare just in case. But I’ve given more out to other people than I’ve used myself.

Water Bottle
Must stay hydrated whilst dancing!

Technique Book
Ah the trusty technique book. You never know when you might need to double check a bit of technique, usually when someone asks a difficult question that I don’t really know the answer to.

Routine Book & Pens
There are so many routines to remember sometimes you just have to write them down.

For when you might need to freshen up.

Travel Toothbrush & Tooth Paste
Ms. FineSteps has high standards! If your breath smells it must be fixed!

Hairbrush & Hair Spray
I always take pride in having neat and tidy hair, which requires lots of hair spray to keep all the baby hairs at bay!

Hair Bands
There is nothing worse than a hair band breaking whilst dancing, especially as you need two to keep your hair up whilst spinning.

Believe it or not they are used more often than you’d think. In fact I used one a few weeks ago when I sliced my finger open whilst opening the gate at St. Christopher’s.

Hand Sanitiser
A must have these days. Ms. FineSteps bought me the bottle I have in my bag at Christmas 2019. Little did she know!

A quick cure for a headache.

A Spare Pair of Socks
I can imagine a situation where I forget to put socks in with my clothes and I can’t bear to wear my training shoes with no socks.

Shoes Cleaning Foam
This is used to clean up the training shoes when they’ve got a little bit too dusty.

In case of an emergency, such as a nosebleed or water spillage!

Basically I have everything you could possibly need. Apart from a nail file, which is the one thing Ms. FineSteps needed last week.